Simple Ways to Stand Out in Your Job Search

Graduation is approaching for many tech, trade, CDL, and vocational school students—are you graduating this year? If so, you may be thinking about your next steps. Many university graduates will spend the next weeks or months scouring job-ad websites and applying for position after position—but fortunately for you, there’s a better way. Forget applying to dozens of jobs and waiting for responses, only to be passed over or not responded to at all. Graduates looking for HVAC or trade jobs in the energy industry can create a free applicant profile on Generation NEXT Energy Pros —rather than applying to companies, give them the opportunity to come to you! Keep reading to learn the top ways to stand out in your job search.

Preparing for Your Job Search is Easy with Generation NEXT Energy Pros

We make it easy for technical students, energy professionals, and veterans to join the energy industry workforce. Create your profile on Generation NEXT Energy Pros to apply for an internship or full-time position to start your career in the energy industry on the right foot. You can earn money locally while building your career and gaining experience, setting yourself apart to stand out in the competitive world of job hunting! Plus, we offer free career-building resources to help you prepare for your job search.

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Easy Ways to Stand Out to Employers in the Energy Industry

Keep Your Resume Updated

When creating a resume, there are must-include sections and content to make sure you stand out among other applicants. For instance, you will want to include your current graduation status, your educational experience and relevant coursework, as well as your work and volunteer experience. Be sure not to forget to include your qualifications/certifications that are still in progress, like your CDL. Potential employers appreciate seeing the skills you are currently working on.

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Focus on Your Accomplishments

Another way to stand out to potential employers during your job search is to focus on accomplishments and results more than a list of your relevant skills which might be identical to other potential job applicants. Listing your professional or educational accomplishments is a great way to set yourself apart from the crowd and demonstrate to employers how you approach problem solving on the job.

Use a Job Search Platform Customized to the Energy Industry

Students and graduates can create free profiles on our website. Specialized for the energy industry, the platform hosts a collection of profiles for local energy, Bioheat® fuel and HVAC employers who are looking for new talent. Unlocking access to this database will allow you to reach out to employers, employers can reach out to you, and you can foster a professional relationship that could last for decades.

Join the Industry through Generation NEXT Energy Pros

Generation NEXT Energy Pros is here to help qualified applicants find lasting careers in the energy industry. Rather than applying to dozens or even hundreds of job ads online, visit our home page here and select your home state to create your free profile online and begin making personalized connections with local energy and HVAC companies today.